IT Consulting Services

CITI’s IT advisory services help your business make informed strategic and tactical decisions on information technology.

Asset Management

Embedded Staff Relations

Annual IT Budgeting

Organizational Change

Performance Monitoring

Security Consulting

IT Consulting on any Aspect of Information Technology

Our boutique approach ensures that the solutions we provide are tailored to your specific needs—no matter who you are.

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IT Advice

Do you have doubts about the best way to back up your data? Looking for ways to minimize your vulnerability to IT security breaches?

IT Consulting

Perhaps you’re looking for help with your annual IT budget. Or maybe you think that you’ve had a security breach. Whatever your concern, we can provide clarity  on any information technology issue with our IT consulting services.

Office Relocations

Are you moving offices? Are you merging? We can take a deep dive into your IT infrastructure and determine if it needs to be updated or even federated at one single location.

Your IT Partner

CITI is relationship and partnership oriented. We consult with you when any initiative you’re thinking about could have implications for your IT. 

Organizational Consulting

We have a lot of experience with organizational dynamics and change. Because IT impacts every part of your organization, we consult with you on your decisions. Let us know what you’re thinking. We’ll outline IT solutions that bring new efficiencies.

Embedded Staff Relations

We try to foster relationships with you that are more like embedded staff relationships. We do our best work and give you our broadest perspective when working as a member of your staff and your organization. That’s the objective of our engagement with you. 

Keep Your Business Running

You need to know if your backups are working and if you’re protected from security threats. IT consulting services keep your network up and running.


We can craft recommendations to amalgamate your networks into a single IT infrastructure. Our IT consulting also ensures that you have network-wide antivirus and backup services in place, as well as performance monitoring.

Consulting Services and Asset Management

We track all the products that you have. This includes licenses of the software you need. That laptop you bought 4 years ago? It’s time to replace it. Rather than break-fix, our IT consulting includes ongoing product solutions and asset management.  

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Moving to the Cloud

Is your company looking to move IT operations and assets to the cloud smoothly and without disruption? We'll move you to the right cloud. CITI’s cloud migration specialists have extensive experience helping businesses eliminate premises networks with minimal disruption and cost. Considering moving to the cloud? Find out if the cloud is right for your company.


Is your management team asking about your IT security policies and practices? Are you worried about a cybersecurity breach? CITI’s comprehensive IT security services provide all the information your company needs to deal with current and future security situations and concerns. Learn about your IT security. Register for a free cybersecurity session.

Managed Services

There is another way to manage your IT that doesn’t require you call your IT firm. Managed IT services offer proactive care, support, monitoring and maintenance of your computer systems for a fixed monthly fee. Process-driven, less involvement, more predictable cost. Yes, Virginia, there is a way to keep your IT running smoothly that does not require you to make a call.


Are you concerned about minimizing IT maintenance costs? Perhaps you’re techno savvy. Or maybe you only need an IT firm for complex IT situations. CITI can provide exactly the volume of IT services that you want and need from network troubleshooting to helping a user with a jammed printer. Our full range of services are available on a per incident basis.

Disaster Recovery

Is the stuff of your nightmares power outages? The only way to deal with a severe interruption to business operations is to plan for it. Beginning with a disaster recovery plan through implementing and maintaining failsafe, foolproof, rock-solid offsite backups, CITI has helped 100s of companies protect their most valuable asset—their data and systems.

IT Consulting

Uncertain if your company should move to the cloud? Do you have doubts about the best way to back up your data? Looking for ways to minimize your vulnerability to IT security breaches? Perhaps you’re looking for help with your annual IT budget. CITI’s IT advisory services help businesses make informed strategic and tactical decisions on information technology.

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